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The 'EcoCampus' programme is operated by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful with the key aim of growing the Eco-Schools programme into third level education and it mirrors the principles of the Eco-Schools programme. EcoCampus endeavours to extend learning beyond the lecture theatre to develop responsible attitudes and commitment to the environment, both at home and in the wider community.

The EcoCampus programme provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness in a third level institution in a way that links to everyday activities and study and ties in with the operational requirements of a complex multi-use facility. EcoCampus encourages practical environmental education and the empowerment of campuses to become exemplar in environmental stewardship. Research in other countries shows that a stakeholder driven, bottom up approach to environmental management as facilitated by EcoCampus has delivered benefits to the environment, campus management, students and to wider communities. It must be noted that the EcoCampus programme does not reward specific environmental projects or implementation of a new technology instead it rewards long term commitment to continuous improvement from the campus community.

The EcoCampus methodology encompasses the same seven steps approach used by Eco-Schools adapted to the needs of the third level education sector. The process involves a wide range of stakeholders, but students play the central role. After implementation of the seven steps the EcoCampus can apply for Green Flag status. If successful a college will be awarded the prestigious Green Flag.

For further details, please contact charlene.mckeown@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org.