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Adopt A Spot

What is Adopt A Spot?

Is there an area in your community that could do with a clean up? Are you fed up of unsightly graffiti, litter and dog mess on your doorstep? Do you want to do something about it?  Live Here Love Here's Adopt A Spot will help you adopt an area and look after it, for example keeping it free of litter through clean-ups.  A free kit is provided to help get you started.

Where Can I Adopt?

Live Here Love Here's Adopt A Spot is here to help you adopt an area and look after it. You can choose any area you like such as:

  • A stretch of beach that always seems to be full of litter
  • An area covered in graffiti
  • Your local park 
  • A local forest
  • Or even the street you live on...

Anywhere is possible! If you think there is an area that could do with a bit of TLC, why not adopt it?

Who Can Adopt A Spot?

The great thing about Adopt A Spot is that it is for everyone.  Adopters can be:

  • Families
  • Community Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Sporting associations
  • Fishing Clubs etc.

Volunteering is a great way to get out, meet people and feel good while making a real difference in your community. With the help of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful you will hold four clean ups a year at a time of your choosing. Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful will provide groups with an adoption pack containing all the equipment you need to to run a safe and successful clean up.

If you are interested in Adopting A Spot and busting that grot to show that you Live Here and you Love Here, or simply would like more information, please contact Nicola Fitzsimons at Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful on 07912178384 or email: nicola.fitzsimons@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org.