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Open Tenders

Online Toolkit – Carbon Literacy Training Programmes

This is an invitation to tender for the development and delivery of an online toolkit to support the impact of Carbon Literacy training programs with Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful. Your submission should be written to address the key requirements detailed in Sections 4&5 of this document and demonstrate how it meets the scoring criteria outlined under section 6.

Any details not provided or not fully completed may constitute an admission of unsuitability/inability to fulfil requirements and may result in the tender being rejected at our absolute discretion. All proposals must be in English. 

Prices contained within the proposal must be exclusive of VAT and be in Pounds sterling and must include ALL fees. 

 The online toolkit will need to be delivered by the 15th February 2023. If you have any questions about this document, please contact Scott Howes (Climate Action Strategic Lead) by noon on Friday 18th November 2022. 

 Please submit your proposal entitled ‘Carbon Literacy – Online Toolkit by noon by Monday 21st November 2022 to scott.howes@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org

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Independent Evaluation of 30 Under 30 Climate Change Makers Programme

This is an invitation to submit a quote for the independent professional evaluation of the 30 Under 30 Climate Change Makers Programme on behalf of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful. Please submit your proposal entitled 30 Under 30 Evaluation by 12pm on Wednesday the 14th December 2022 to jenna.potter@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org. 

Quotes received after this time will not be considered. If you have any questions about this document, please contact Jenna Potter by 12pm on Friday 9th December. Questions and responses will be circulated to all interested tenderers. 

Prices contained within the proposal must be exclusive of VAT and be in Pounds sterling and must include ALL fees. 

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Consultant / Project Manager for IT development project

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is seeking to initiate the phased procurement of new websites for our core programmes. As part of this process, we wish to appoint an external consultant to help us manage a comprehensive review of our suite of websites, web and mobile apps and the IT systems that support our digital operations and core management activities. 

We envisage that the appointee will lead us through a comprehensive review process, the development of a hierarchy of phased objectives and a range of costings to fully implement a solution that meets our IT requirements. The review process will culminate in the development of comprehensive recommendations and specifications leading to the preparation of detailed briefs for tendering.

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Waste Composition Analysis for Northern Ireland

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful seek to keep up to date an accurate, data-driven analysis of the litter in Northern Ireland and have sought funding from DAERA to complete this project so that Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and relevant stakeholders may direct and/or introduce resources to address the issue of litter in Northern Ireland.

We are inviting tenders for the design of a methodology for a comprehensive Waste Composition Analysis of public bin waste and litter for Northern Ireland. 

All Tenderers who wish to take part in this competition must complete an Expression of Interest. Expressions of Interest must be sent to tenders@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org with tender reference number ‘’WCA02/2022’’ as the message subject heading ONLY. 

Tenderers are not permitted to contact individuals within Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful directly.

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