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About us

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is an independent charity dedicated to creating a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Northern Ireland by delivering on improving environmental education in every school in Northern Ireland, increasing public engagement for communities in need and raising environmental standards for the places where people spend time: where they live, work and relax.

Underpinning this is our survey work reporting on neighbourhood cleanliness across Northern Ireland with the Borough Cleanliness Survey, Northern Ireland Litter Survey and the Marine Litter Survey. Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is expanding volunteering opportunities with a focus on creating a new societal norm of taking responsibility for where you live. This is delivered through campaigns including Adopt A Spot, The BIG Spring Clean and the Clean Coasts programme. Supporting volunteering is a key strand of the public-private-NGO partnership that makes up Live Here Love Here.

Live Here Love Here is about creating tangible community pride, loving where you live and feeling responsible for the landscape around you. The result is the creation of a better environment for all our communities. Closely associated with this is our work to raise environmental standards through certification schemes including Blue Flag for beaches and marinas, the Seaside and Green Coast Awards, Green Flag Awards for public open spaces and the Live Here Love Here Green Business Awards. All of these operate across and beyond Northern Ireland. We are also involved at all levels of our education system and beyond, with international programmes including Eco-Schools, Young Reporters for the Environment and EcoCampus. Eco-Home also adds to our resolve to realise sustainable living habits.

It's your Northern Ireland, so why not get involved today!