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—Communities Tackling Plastic

The Litter Problem!

There are an estimated 11,983,664 items of litter polluting Northern Ireland at all times. (KNIB Litter Composition Analysis Report 22-23)

Analysing all forms of litter including drinks containers, dog fouling and confectionery packaging, the report established that producers from the soft drinks, chocolate and chewing gum industries command 64 per cent of all branded litter found around the province. 

Coca-Cola HBC Ltd, Red Bull GmbH, Mondelez Europe, and AG Barr products make up 50 per cent of the branded litter problem, and that 54 per cent of the total litter recorded is made from plastic. 

Vaping products have emerged as almost two per cent of the litter problem, placing them on a par with perennial litter offenders like coffee cups and food waste. 

Cigarette-butts remain a significant threat to the environment, with a predicted 1,194,692 butts scattered throughout communities in Northern Ireland, accounting for ten per cent of the overall litter slice. 

What you as an individual can do?

Make sure to put rubbish in bins.
Ensure that when at home all recycling bags/bins are secure so that loose papers and other items can't fall out and become litter.
Bring your reusables - bottles, cups, lunchboxes, bags etc. with you when you are on the go.
Educate children about the importance of disposing of rubbish properly.
Take part in community clean-up events.